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Anonymous asked:

Advice for feeling comfortable in your own skin? Advice for losing weight the (keyword) healthy way?


if you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you need to let go of the idea that losing weight will help. treat your body as if it were your child. nourish it properly, take care of it, never think of it as anything less than beautiful. your body is just that… a body. you are not your body, you are your spirit. so rather than working on “fixing” your body, work on yourself and changing your perception :~)

So this giant prehistoric looking plant keeps growing in our garden. We think it’s Swiss Chard from last year. Kimmie isn’t super tiny, but this leaf makes him look it! Is it normal for it to be this big?! Or is our soil mutant radioactive soil haha (just kidding on that one). He wanted to eat it so bad. But NOPE!

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